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Monitoring Web and observatories

Our developing experience of validadores of accessibility has positioned to us like referring international in the analysis of the accessibility of the sites of Internet. That experience has served to develop new tools to us (TAW Monitor), that using our motors of analysis, they allow to study great volumes of information or allow a unheeded control of the accessibility of our vestibules.


This service provides to the companies and institutions of a tool able to control the level of accessibility, degree of standardization, quality and of the adjustment in the independence of device of its vestibules Web, of automated and unheeded form, assuring that the accessibility of the monitored contents is not committed in the update processes and assuring that each roll in the organization receives the information that can need.

The access to the monitoring system is by means of a page Web, this allows the beginning of the system of monitoring in of immediate form, without requiring software installation some. From the Control Panel the analyzes are controlled, the profiles are managed and it is acceded to the historical one of the revisions that have been realized, which allows to see the evolution, to detect the main errors that comment, to identify the zones of the vestibules with but deviations, etc. This characteristic makes the monitoring very effective to integrate itself in the systems of management of the accessibility required in them certification process.

The tool allows to control:

  • Type of studies that will be realized on each vestibule (accessibility, use of standards, independence of device, quality, CATHEDRAL, etc.)
  • Depth of the studies (for example of the pages modified from the previous revision, the pages of a section that is updated of assiduous form, the set of the vestibule or both first levels of navigation).
  • Temporalización of the analyzes and regularity of the same (for example weekly of the pages of the monthly news and of those of less dynamic contents).
  • Channel of shipment from the platform to the adressees (Web, mail or sms).
  • Receivers of this information with different profiles and different types from information (for example executive information for the managers of the vestibule, technical information for the developers, information of errors of alternatives of images or weight of the same for designers, etc.).
  • Norm on which the validation will be realized: WCAG 1,0, UNITES 1,0 139803, WCAG 2,0, or Mobile OK.

System of monitoring of vestibules of Internet

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For more information on the monitoring of vestibules it contacts with us in the following direction of mail:, or in the page Web of the TAW Monitor

Observatories of accessibility and standardization Web

In order to help to know the state the accessibility of extensive groups of vestibules and to study the evolution of these vestibules throughout the time, Foundation CTIC has developed a set of metric methodologies and of measurement that allows the pursuit throughout the time of different criteria (accessibility, quality of development, standards, positioning in finders, etc.), on different norms (WCAG 1.0. WCAG 2,0 and UNITES 139803).

Given great volume him information that contains the vestibules of Internet and for the accomplishment of observatory studies, Foundation CTIC has an analysis tool on a distributed platform cradle in oriented technology to services (SOA) and “Grid Computing”, with a capacity of analysis very lifted. Sample of this volume of analyzes is the study realized for the Xunta of Galicia durantes the first months of 2009 (all the pages studied Web of the Galician City councils) in which analyzed a total of 41,250 pages, with 2.021.250 of individual verifications.

The assignment of the tool is to extract information of the pages Web, applying multiple techniques of analysis that allows to project an image of the state of a set of Web sites. This image will be indicative of the degree of use of recommendations of W3C in accessibility subjects, standardization and the use of good practices in the development Web.

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